Wag- My New Favorite App (+My Side Hustle)

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I noticed recently I have a tendency to essentially scream things I love from the rooftops.  Wag is one of those things.. The app is BRILLIANT, and I’m so mad I didn’t think of it myself ;).

OK, here’s how I use it.

Given my profession, there are days in which meetings run over, a student needs to be proctored for a test, or a colleague invites me to happy hour, and I’m not home when I think I’m going to be.  As a result, poor Mr. Cannoli, my handsome dachshund/yorkie, is left alone for a very long time.  This had always been a source of anxiety for me, until now…( I know, I know, I sound like I’m on a commercial, but I sincerely, whole-heartedly, am serious about this.  Wag is so great!)  Anyway, if it looks like I’m going to be caught at work for the day, I’ll book a Wag Walk for Cannoli.  It is very a’la Uber, in that I put in the request on the app on my phone (they can be scheduled or an “ASAP” walk), and within minutes, someone commits to coming over to walk him.

When the Wag Walker arrives, I get a text message on my phone to say that the walk has begun.  The walker lets him/herself in to my place with the Wag-provided lock box, and I can then opt to see what’s going on from the Wag app.  The walk is tracked, so I can see exactly where Cannoli is…. Because, you know..  Protective dog mama…  Walkers also have the option to send you short videos during the walk, and I always love seeing what Cannoli is up to with her new Wag Walker friends.

THEN, when the walk is over, I get a report card with a nice little play-by-play as to what happened.  I have been beyond impressed with the Wag Walkers.  They’re fellow dog lovers, so it’s great to know that Cannoli is in good hands.

Finally, along with the Walk Report Card, I receive a picture of Cannoli from the walk with many social media filters.  I am a self-proclaimed dork, so I found these to be more than slightly fun.


Anyway, moving on, as I mentioned at the top of this post, use my promo code Brittany3203 for $20 off your first walk (which means, if you do a 30 minute walk, it’s free!)! I PROMISE you’ll love it.


Wag as a Side Hustle

OK, if I’m being totally honest, a large part of the reason I applied to be a Wag Walker myself was because I was curious about the application process…  WAS my dog in fact  in good hands when the Wag Walkers come?  What is the background check process like?  Rest assured, from the more-than slightly intense application process, I am now confident in knowing that Cannoli is with highly-qualified, intelligent, dog-loving walkers.

My first Wag walk was less than a month ago and I’m loving the side hustle.  In short, I’m getting paid to hang out with fun dogs and get exercise!   I have made my step goal every day that I’ve “Wag Walked,” and have never felt uncomfortable with going to peoples’ homes and walk their dogs.  Everyone involved is very friendly.

Here are some of my “clients:”



After you’ve going through the application process for Wag (which, warning, is not easy and is pretty time-consuming.. but SO worth it), you have the option to order a Wag tee shirt and bandana.  If the dog you’re walking is wearing the bandana and you’re wearing the tee shirt, Wag will pay you an extra $1 per walk.  Pretty cool!

In short, I love Wag and I wish I had thought of the idea for the app myself.  It’s great both as a client and a walker, and is a very well-run company.  You should really, really check it out.

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