You Had Me At Breakfast Tacos

(I should subtitle that-Outside Texas..)

Breakfast tacos.  Let’s discuss.  I have spent an excessive amount of time in Houston because one of my college besties lives there.  I had never thought of the genius idea of tortillas for breakfast and, once I discovered such wonderful things, my world became much bigger and flavorful.  I loooove everything Tex-Mex, and breakfast tacos are no exception.  While these might not be the best for the waistline, they are certainly amazing for the tastebuds…  I will also note that I’ve made them as a skillet bowl before, without the tortillas, and they’re also a big hit.  Without further adieu, allow me to share my breakfast tacos recipe..  Breakfast tacos are hard to come by in D.C., so I had to teach myself how to make them 🙂

1. Gather your supplies.  This makes enough for 4 people:

  • Roasted Potatoes with Peppers and Onions (from the freezer section at Trader Joe’s)
  • Bacon
  • Avocado
  • Cheese
  • Tortillas
  • Optional: hot sauce and/or salsa


2. Cook your bacon.  Why it took so long for me to learn about the art of cooking bacon in the oven, I’ll never know.  It makes cleanup a helluva a lot easier.  All you do it put the bacon strips on a cookie sheet, put it in a COLD OVEN, then preheat it to 350.  By the time it reaches 350, the bacon should be done.  If it’s not, keep an eye on it.  It’ll be nice and crispy really soon.

Here’s what it should look like when it’s done:

Obviously, this needs to spend a little bit of time on a paper towel… or ten…

3. While your bacon is baking, heat a skillet over medium heat.  Spray generously with cooking spray.  When the pan is hot, add your potatoes with peppers and onions.

Scramble your eggs.  I used about 10.

This is important.  Make sure your potatoes are almost done before adding the eggs.  Since they were frozen, it’s going to take a little while.

Add your eggs…

Stir constantly.  When it’s all cooked through, remove from heat, crumble up the bacon and add it to the mixture.  Yum yum…

Assemble the tacos, add cheese, diced avocado, and hot sauce if that’s your thing…

These are always a major show-stopper when I have friends over for brunch, and they’re so super easy and inexpensive!  They could also make an easy midweek breakfast-for-dinner meal.  Total cook time is about 10 minutes.  Not too shabby.  Enjoy!!

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