Watermelon 1st Birthday Party

Almost two years ago now, my dear friend from college called to tell me she was pregnant.  I was walking down a neighborhood street of D.C. on an evening that couldn’t make its mind up as to whether it wanted to still be summer, or to start changing its ways to fall.  Even though I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs with elation, I was in a neighborhood and had to settle for joyful crying instead.  This little girl has been loved by her Auntie Britt from the moment I knew she was coming. Fast forward to now, I flew down to Houston for her 1st birthday party last weekend, and simply HAD to share the amazing details her mama and “Jojo” (grandmother) for the celebration.

Leaving Houston was harder this time than it ever had been before, and I’m there a lot.  It’s crazy to me how much the baby has grown since I saw her in December, and it’s so sad to me that she’ll change so much by the next time I see her.  I love you, baby girl!  Miss you already!!        

Baby Registry – $100 credit towards diapers and wipes

Cookies by http://www.bakedbydrake.com. They were beyond cute, and I seriously have a friend crush on Christy, the baker, who I met at the party.

Proof that I was there.

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