Thanksgiving in Ohio.. Four Years Ago

I took a little hiatus from going home to Ohio for Thanksgiving after this visit, which I wrote about below..  I went last year.  Anywho, enjoy this little archive…


I love Ohio. I do. I really honestly do… But sometimes I need a grim reminder as to why I don’t live there.

I saw quite literally every single solitary person from my past, all the way back to kindergarten–all at bars, I should add… Trying to catch up as one of the very few people who has left our town while screaming over music is not only voice-straining but exhausting. I decided that if I go out for Thanksgiving Eve next year, I will bring a signs that say:

“Yes, I still live in DC.

No, I don’t have any plans on coming back…

Because it’s too cold….

Yes, I know it’s crazy that I’m not working for my dad; Maybe some day.

You look so grown up too!

Thanks, I’m finally back to my natural (hair) color.

I don’t know when I’ll be home again, but lunch would be great!

Congratulations on the engagement/baby/wedding.”

So, anyway, we played (cough cheated at) Name That Tune… Here was our team name… Delta Zeta Stella… Stuck in college mindset? Yes..

Haha, so needless to say, it’s good to be back in the District for the next few weeks anyway.

Our Thanksgiving was unusual, which tends to be a family tradition… I can honestly say that no two Thanksgivings have ever been the same. We have spent them in Vegas, New Orleans, Austria, Florida, at a friend’s house, at our grandma’s house, at our other grandma’s house, at our aunt’s house, at our great aunt and uncles’s house, at a restaurant, and this year, we ended up getting carry out from my parent’s club because my mom and I were too sick to actually dress up to go there and eat it… And, despite the fact that the Thanksgiving meal was enjoyed at our lake house in my slippers and PJ’s, devoid of any makeup or hair primping, it was one of the best turkeys I’ve had in my life. A-mazing. The owner of our club is Jim Stouffer, yes of the microwave TV dinner fame, and even though his expertise may be confined to the frozen food aisle, he sure knows how to hire a great chef… And the view we got to enjoy from the comfort of the lake house wasn’t too shabby either…

I didn’t hit up any of the Black Friday specials because a) I think it’s stupid and b) it is always a personal goal of mine to be finished Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving… Rest assured, blog babes, I have once again achieved my goal this year. But, one thing my mom and I did decide to go was to drive 20 minutes from our lake house to the tiny town of Elmore, Ohio to go antiquing. We dragged my dad along, much to his dismay.

After scoring for several hours in a shop that was “just a bunch of shit,” according to Papa Bear, I found two of these for $2.50 a pop:

So, I was extra motivated to decorate for Christmas when I got back to DC. Each of the tree candle holders is on an end table, and here is our back wall.. Admit it… It’s adorable:

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and are enjoying the first week of Advent. Gosh, I do love this time of year.

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