My Summer Bucket List

I need to make sure my summer is awesome..  I hate the feeling when a season ends, and I don’t feel like I totally experienced it.  Last fall, for example, I would have loved to visit vineyards, go apple picking, and do all those fun stereotypical things..  It never happened :(.  This upcoming season, I’m living it up!  I absolutely love my job, but I do relish in my summer months off.

Here is my summer bucket list..  I always try to do a list for every season, so I feel like I really experienced it.  I’ll be posting as I tick these things off my list.  I can’t wait for sweet summertime!  It will be here so soon!

Visit another country.  When I originally wrote this post, it was looking like the other country was going to be Canada, since it’s drivable.  A European vacation wasn’t looking like it was in the cards for this year..  But guess what?  My genius friend, Christie found $492 round trip tickets to Scotland this summer!!  I’m going to Scotland!  I’ve never been there, and can’t wait!

See the Cleveland Indians play in a new place.  I’ll obviously go see them when they’re in Baltimore because it’s only 45 minutes from me, but I’d like to also see them play somewhere I’ve never seen them play before.

Go to one of the Atlantic Beaches.  I love Rehoboth, but I’m also open to Bethany or Ocean City.  I used to go every year without having to make it a goal, but I didn’t make it last year!  I really want to go, so I’m making it a goal on my bucket list.


Learn how to make pie from scratch.  I got two fun tips on pie crust that I’m excited to try!  Stay tuned…

Spend some time in Michigan.  I know, I know.  This Ohio girl should not be advocating for our rival state.  But, many sweet childhood memories involve little weekend sneak aways in the Mitten, and I’ve been wanting to go up for a visit.  Goals are: Buddy’s Pizza, Greenfield Village, The Henry Ford Museum, and Frankenmuth.. Can’t get much more touristy than that, huh?

Go to Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH.  This little hidden gem is one of my favorite places on earth.  It’s like stepping back in time, and I love perusing the antique shops, playing fascination, eating a fantastic burger from Eddie’s Grill and stocking up on Madsen Donuts (the peanut ones are to die for).

Learn how to make French macarons.  I know they’re super challenging, but I really want to try…

Bring someone to Ohio who has never been and show them how awesome it is.  Few things make me happier than bringing new people to my home state and playing tour guide.  There are SO many fun things to do.  Here are some pictures from previous summers.  Sigh. Summers in Ohio are the best.

Learn how to make pasta (from scratch) from one of my Italians.  I know a lot of people from the Old Country, and there’s no reason to not learn their amazing ways, right?

Finish my kitchen remodel.  I live in an English basement, so things can look very dingy if I’m not careful.  I’m looking forward to adding a much-needed backsplash to brighten up the space.  I got new appliances a little over a year ago, which made a huge difference.  I’m ready to finally pull everything together. I’m thinking white subway tile with black grout.. I like how it looks when I see it on Fixer Upper :). I know the image below is of a restaurant, but this is the look I’m going for…

Go to one of those paint-you-own pottery places.  I see them all the time, and haven’t done one since I was in like, middle school.  I think it’ll be fun!

Do you have any must-do goals this summer?  I love how things slow down, so I can get moving on some of these fun goals.


  1. Nicola | 15th May 17

    What a great list! You’ve managed to capture so many different experiences! You’re gonna love Scotland, it’s amazing. We were there in summer 2015 and have promised ourselves a return visit. Whereabouts are you going? Looking forward to reading about your adventures in the future 🙂

    • | 15th May 17

      Thanks for reading!! Not quite sure where in Scotland we’re heading. The only definite is Edinburg! I’ll definitely keep y’all apprised as to my travels! Can’t wait!

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