Sharp Rock Winery

I named my blog what I named it for a reason.  Few things I enjoy more than a nice morning hike out in the Shenandoah, followed by an afternoon of wine drinking and cheese eating.  Call me Basic all you want, it’s pretty amazing.  Virginia Wine County is still a pretty well-kept secret, but, for me, it’s one of my favorite aspects of living in this area.  D.C. is a great city, but the gorgeous county is only a short drive away.

One thing I will say about Virginia Wineries, however, is that many of them appear to be a little more focused on profit than they are on the quality of their wines.  While I certainly support small businesses and don’t blame anyone for wanting to make money, I certainly appreciate when a winery really takes quality to a new level, and that’s what’s happening at Sharp Rock.  You won’t find a fancy tasting room here, but you will find absolutely fantastic wines, gorgeous terrain, and some of the most well-versed wine guys I’ve ever encountered.  AND, 90% of their grapes are grown on property, which is beyond impressive and almost unheard of.  My favorite is the oaked chardonnay, which was a perfect fall wine.

My recommendation?  Hike Old Rag (warning: it’s really difficult), baby wipe to clean yo-self off, and head over to Sharp Rock for the afternoon.  Leave D.C. early to make the most of your day!

Thanks for a great day to the people at Sharp Rock!  I’ll certainly be back soon!



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