Reynold’s Tavern Christmas Tea

Have I mentioned I love everything Christmas?  Because I really do…

We did a Christmas tea at Reynold’s Tavern in Annapolis a few years ago, and I was so excited at the possibility of going back this year.  There’s something so girly about doing high tea and, while I don’t foresee myself doing it all the time, I loved it last Sunday.  To top everything off, it snowed in D.C. on Saturday, so we were in the Christmas spirit all-around.

One (of many) things I love about Reynold’s is how reasonable the pricing is.  While a high tea at the Willard in D.C. is fabulous, I don’t love the idea of spending $60+ for finger sandwiches.  Reynolds is a reasonable $20-$30 and the teas are amazing.  There are literally dozens to choose from, and they’re bottomless.  SO fun!  We had the St. Nick’s Tea and the Winter Wonderland, both of which were fantastic.  The scones (orange/cranberry and eggnog) were soooo good, and the presentation was amazing.  I especially love that Reynold’s Tavern is a historical building, which only enhances the experience.

One thing we did not do was stick around for when the sun sets.  The boats in the Annapolis harbor are often decorated with Christmas lights, and we didn’t get to see them this year.  That is one thing I highly recommend if you do to do high tea in Annapolis.  Another thing that we did not do this time is have a drink downstairs at Reynold’s.  They have an AMAZING fireplace down there and their bar food is fantastic.

Check out Annapolis this weekend, D.C.  It’s 100% worth the drive and will TOTALLY put you in the Christmas spirit!

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