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I’ll be the first to admit that I have a voracious appetite for learning.  Very rarely do I listen to music in my car.  More often than not, it’s either a podcast or audiobook playing.  Speaking of audiobooks, does anyone have any recommendations?  I just finished Sisters First and am listening to Option B, but have nothing on the docket after that!

Anyway, you’ll see a little theme with the podcasts I listen to.  As the daughter of an entrepreneur and an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I love listening to the stories of those who have made it.  Their mindsets are so inspiring..  Talk about grit!  Some of the people who are featured on these podcasts have royally failed but refused to give up.  Now, they’re rolling in it. This isn’t to say, of course, that money is everything.  It’s just that they seem so fulfilled and passionate about what they do that it’s so cool to learn about.

Enough of my rambling..  Here are my favorite podcasts…

She Did It Her Way: Without a doubt, this is my absolute favorite.  Amanda Boleyn is the hostess of this show, and interviews women who have really, really made it.  Many of them aren’t yet bringing in six figures, which makes it all the more relatable.  There is a huge need for internet-based work, and it is so cool to learn about people who get creative to meet the needs of society.  One of my favorite episodes was a few months ago about a woman who started a business about educating women about the health benefits of spices.  She’s of Indian descent, and really marketed her heritage’s use of spices to Americans.  It was absolutely fascinating and so creative!  One of the most recent episodes was from Helen Ficalora, a jewelry designer whose  monogram necklace I wear almost daily!

Marketing in Yoga Pants: This is a bit newer in the podcast world, but I still love it.  Brit Kolo, the hostess, takes on a similar flavor as She Did It Her Way, except gives the guest a little bit more talking time.  She asks very interesting questions, and is extremely encouraging, which is awesome.  She also hosts a private Facebook group, which is amazing for assistance with marketing and promotion questions.  Can’t recommend enough!

How I Built This: This podcast, which is put out by NPR, interviews people who started what are now HUGE companies.  I will never look at Tom’s of Maine or Chipotle the same after hearing these amazing stories.  I love hearing about peoples’ successes, and these stories are so very great.  Many of the people who started the companies no longer own them, so it’s cool to see how they made their millions, and the stories behind them.


Do you have an amazing podcast that you love?  I’m always looking for more, so comment below with recommendations!


Happy Monday!

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