Memorial Day + A Slider Recipe

Even though I have been told more times than I can count that Memorial Day is NOT about a three day weekend, pool openings, and burgers on the grill, hearing it in again in the homily at Mass yesterday was an especially provoking and important reminder…  Today is about American soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for this amazing country.  During my second year teaching, I had a student whose father died in Iraq.  Even though I am no longer in touch with this young lady, I still think and pray for her every year when Memorial Day rolls around.  My grandfather, who I idolized, fought in World War II.. Fortunately for me, he did not make the ultimate sacrifice, but spoke about the people he fought with who did.   Living in D.C. really brings the reality of war so much closer, and I am very thankful for the fact that I will never take those who have died for this country for granted.

I know we’ve all (hopefully) seen the movie, but American Sniper is also an amazing book, and is definitely worth the read.. I remember flying through the audio version when I was painting my condo.

To kick of the weekend, I had some friends over for sliders on Friday, and I wanted to share the recipe, in case you’re needing a last minute outdoorsy meal.  I was dying for another excuse to bust out my little $6 charcoal grill, and it did not disappoint once again.  I added some wood chips for added flavor, and am so glad I did!  We made:

  • Beef Sliders
  • Buffalo Chicken Sliders
  • Corn on the cob (grilled)

Beef sliders were: well done patties (1 lb beef, 1 egg, Slap Ya Mama seasoning..  Mix together, form little patties and freeze before grilling).  Top with caramelized red onion, Trader Joes Sharp Cheddar Pub Cheese (yummmm), and lettuce.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders: grilled boneless skinless chicken tenderloins, then mix equal parts Franks Red Hot and Ken’s Steakhouse Blue Cheese dressing.  Toss chicken in mixture, place on bun and top with lettuce.

The slider buns are from Trader Joe’s too, and are delicious.

Wishing you a blessed Memorial Day!  Never forget why today exists.

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