Life Lately- Summer 2017

This summer was amazing, and I’m so glad it’s over.  While I relish in the many opportunities to get away, visit family, and catch up with old friends, I ADORE a regular schedule.  Since I’m back in said regular schedule, I thought I would do a bit of a long post to catch you up on my life.  Because I know you care.

I discovered Torchy’s Tacos in Houston, and have been craving it ever since.  Fried avocado tacos.  Yes ma’am.


Jim and I spent 4th of July Weekend on Put-In-Bay and in Port Clinton, OH.

I rode a horse named Silver in the mountains of West Virginia the following weekend..  More on that weekend soon.

I should also note that Silver totally reignited my love for horses, and I’m looking in to getting back in to riding this fall.

I found the cutest coffee shop on the planet, Tip Top Thomas and discovered the joys of nitrogen iced coffee.  Yumm..

And I basked in the mountain air and being away with some of my favorite people.

I toured Scotland with these beauties.  More on this later.  Obvi.

Visited a friend in Germany.  This is where she lived for the month of July… Yes, that’s a castle.

Spent some more time in Ohio..  Because, why not?

I dragged my parents to the Seneca County Fair, where we spent more than a little bit of time learning about bees and honey.

We went to Cheese Haven, which is unabashedly one of my favorite places in the world.  SO good.

psssst: the bacon cheddar is amazing.

Got to meet my friend’s baby and have dinner with these ladies, who I’ve known pretty much my entire life.

Grew in my love for Little Free Libraries.

Went to the J Crew Warehouse sale in Richmond (twice…).  This is my haul for $130. Uh-mazing.

Briefly considered fostering a cat when my friend fostered a really sweet cat..  and then I remembered that I generally don’t like cats.

Went with some friends to St. Mary’s City.  It was very cool.

Got new floors in my bedroom (long story).

Went to my first Demo Derby at the Montgomery County Fair.  It entails cars bumping in to each other.  I didn’t know that.

And we met Misty, who was born the morning we were at the fair.

Finally, we went Snookie hunting at Seaside Heights, NJ.  Despite MTV’s portrayal, it’s really charming!  We had boardwalk pizza and fries, played skeeball, and all-in-all, enjoyed it.

Whewwww!  So, you’re pretty much caught up!  It was an amazing summer, but I really look forward to the good times to come in fall 2017!

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