My Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Despite my greatest efforts to be financially responsible for Christmas, I have to admit that I feel more than a little short of my goals.  Looking back at my bustling social calendar, I understand why things didn’t go so hot, and I’m super motivated to get rolling this year.  As my first blog post of 2018, I thought it was only appropriate to be honest.. I know I can get a little bit preachy here when I’m writing about finances.  Know that I’m right there with you!

1) Cut way back on eating out.  Not only is this something that is beneficial to the wallet, but it is also really beneficial to the waistline.  I have to admit, that this is a HUGE area of struggle for me.  I tend to keep a very busy schedule, so sometimes swinging by Whole Food’s hot counter for an overpriced plate sounds really appealing… Not anymore.  When I know I’m going to have a crazy busy day, I need to plan ahead and bring food with me.. This is precisely why I bought a little cooler years ago.  I know eating and living on the go is not ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary. For times like this, I need to be prepared!!
2) Drink beer.  Oh.  MY GOSH.  My trip to Scotland last summer really made me a humungous brat when it comes to imbibing.  When the weather is cold (as it has been lately), I MUST have a scotch when I go out to bars.  Why?  No reason.  Beer is totally acceptable.  Beer might not be the best calorie-wise, but I really enjoy beer.  Drinking beer is not a sacrifice.  I have scotch at home.. Why oh why am I drinking scotch when I’m out?
3) Clean out.  OK, so maybe this isn’t financial per se, but I have a huge bag o’ stuff to send to ThreadUp, and perhaps will make a little something from it.  Plus I find that clearing out stuff from my closets/kitchen cabinets/etc. I find that I appreciate what I have even more, and do not feel the need to replace things.  Minimalism makes like seem so much cleaner…
4) Meet with a financial planner.  As a somewhat scrupulous saver, I admit I am often the guy from the parable who buries money.. Yeah, I know.. Bad.  I have done a small amount of investing, but really, really need to get better about it.  I have a meeting scheduled for next week, so wish me luck!
5) Spend more time at home.  Again, I’m on the go a lot.  I have tried to shift my schedule so that I’m able to be home more.  I find myself ordering Wag walks for Cannoli when I’m away from home a lot, and those babies add up.  I do love the convenience of just sending someone to let Cannoli out when I’m busy, but I need to not do it as much as I had been.
6) More importantly, Be happy with what I have.  The after-holiday sales are reeeeeally alluring, and trust me when I say that I shopped many of them.  Even though my winter wardrobe did need a little polish, it is also true that I bought a bit too much.  Now that I’m ready to reign it in, it’s time to be happy and thankful for what I have and stop buying more.
I feel pretty certain that good things are to come this year.  2017 was great, but I have a strong hunch 2018 will be even better :).
Happy Monday, friends!!

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