A Cannoli-Approved Gift Guide (for the Hostess with the Mostess)

How much are you LOVING this Christmas season?  Seriously, I’m in the Christmas spirit every year at this time, but this year I’ve thrown it in to overdrive, and I’m totally cool with that.

I went with some girlfriends to Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis this weekend for Christmas tea (more on that later), have seen the National Christmas Tree, went to ZooLights, baked tons of cookies (more to come!), am hosting a Cookie Exchange this weekend, want to go see the trains at the Botanical Gardens..  SO MUCH CHRISTMAS FUN!!  Ok, moving on…

You’ve heard of Wayfair, right?  Well, if not, you’re seriously missing out.  I have been gushing over their housewares, so when they reached out asking me to put together a gift guide, I JUMPED at the opportunity.  And, well, let’s be honest here..  A lot of what I put here are either things I already own or things that I would really like…  OK, enough rambling..  See below.

You see a little trend here, right? Christmas is the best!

  1. Old Fashioned Glasses: I might have mentioned a million times that I went to Scotland last summer and came back with such an intrigue for Scotch.  Even though I will always be a passionate wine-o, I found that learning about the Scotch-making process really makes me appreciate it.  These little glasses are very similar to what you’d find a the whisky distilleries in Scotland!
  2. Fiestaware: I have a little special place in my heart for Fiestaware because I went to college across the Ohio River from the factory.  #nerdalert, if you’re ever in Steubenville, OH or somewhere in the Ohio Valley for that matter, go to the Fiestaware factory and take a tour..  It’s actually really interesting.  ANYWAY, I digress. I’ve been a proud Fiestaware owner ever since I got my first big girl apartment back in 2008, and they’re still my absolute favorite.  They come in so many fun colors and are amazing quality.
  3. Dog Bed– Cannoli is the proud owner of this dog bed and he loves it.  He typically wakes up with me in the morning, but knows that when I grab my bags, it’s time to go back to bed.  Like clockwork, he’s back in this fluffy bed by the time I leave for work.  Smart pup.  I also bring it with us when we drive home to Ohio, and he stays put the entire 5 hour drive.  That never happened before we had this bed!
  4. Tea Kettle and Mugs– Honestly, people who don’t have a tea kettle don’t realize how much they need a tea kettle.  These Le Creuset goodies come in many colors too.  I have the tea kettle in light blue and use it all the time.. This would be especially cute as a gift with a box of fun tea bags tied with a ribbon.
  5. Glass boxes– Blame my excessive viewing of Fixer Upper, but these are amazing..  How cute would they be with some succulents?  Or, the contents can be switched out seasonally. I’m thinking ornaments and greenery for Christmas, candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, pretty eggs for Easter..  The possibilities are endless!
  6. Door mat– This is totally the type of thing a person would NOT buy for herself, but totally enhances the decor.  I just think those reindeer are too darn cute.
  7. Merry Christmas Plates– Obsessed.  These can be stacked with every day Fiestaware to make an awesome, festive table setting.  In other words, you wouldn’t have to buy a whole Christmas set if you have these..  They can be paired with your regular red, green, purple, yellow or blue Fietaware.  So fun!

This deserves its own, large picture…

Um, if THIS faux fur throw doesn’t say snuggle, I don’t know what does…

Ahhhh!  Merry Merry!!!  Hope this all helps with your Christmas shopping!!  Have a great Monday, y’all!!!

drinking glass

Double Old Fashioned Glass

place setting

4 Piece Place Setting Set

dog bed

Ultra Plush Oval Pet Bed

tea kettle

Enamel Tea Kettle & Mug Set

glass box

Decorative Glass Box Set


Peeking Reindeer Doormat


Merry Christmas 9″ Dessert Plate


Coyote Faux Fur Throw

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