A Few of My Favorite Things

I love love LOVE Christmas time and the relaxation that comes with it.  I make it my personal mission every year to be finished with Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving, so I’m just ready to carpe the Christmas season.

And, yes, fellow Catholics, I know Christmas doesn’t start until December 25..  SO What It Means to Be a Christian by Joseph Ratzinger is my annual Advent read, and I can’t recommend it enough.  A friend gave it to me for my birthday several years ago, and I have re-read it every year since.

My friend and I did some “Small Business Saturday” shopping in Historic Downtown Frederick, MD.  It’s only about a 40 minute drive from D.C. and is soooooo cute. I snapped this photo in “Viola” tea shop, but there are SO many other adorable shops to find something fun for everyone on your list.  One of my personal favorites is Savage Soaps, which is great for stocking stuffers.

My mom’s friend started TinyTown Cookies and I am obsessed.  Look at how cute these Halloween cookies were!  Obviously, she has plenty of Christmas/Winter options available, so order a jar for your holiday hostess!  I also love the cookie themes that can be used any time for when you’re a house guest, for example.  My mom had some little sailboat cookies at our lake house this summer and they were so fun!

I have known about Cotton and Reed for a while now because they’re sponsors for the Junior League of Washington, which I’m a part of.  It is such a fun place, and their rum is fantastic!  I love the chill ambiance of the place.  It’s like a oasis in the (ahem) not-so chill neighborhood that it’s in…  Yeah, leave your designer handbags at home when you go, but it’s totally worth it. The “Liquid Nostalgia” cocktail was soooo good.

Thanksgiving dinner this year was spent with pals.  We had an absolute blast and I am still basking in the gratitude of such amazing people in my life.

I have such a weakness for very unhealthy appetizers…  The cheeseball I concocted included: 2 blocks of cream cheese, 1 ranch mix packet, six strips of cooked bacon, a crap ton of shredded cheddar cheese (+ googly eyes, a piece of candy corn, hot glue) and Trader Joe’s pumpernickel pretzels and Trader Joe’s knockoff Ritz crackers.  Yummmmm.


OH heyyy..  I hosted another recipe exchange, and here were the party favors.  Yay!!  Stay tuned for a recap of the party later this week!!

I went to visit my friend in Texas a few weeks ago and had a (cough, three in one sitting) Kolache.  What is a kolache, you ask?  Think dinner roll stuffed with cheese, bacon, eggs, and salsa.  Yeah.  Amazing.  I dream about them.  I miss them.  I long for them….

I got a new backsplash in my kitchen and I’m obsessed with it.  Sometimes, I just stare at it.  Weird?  Yes.

Excuse the bathroom selfie.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am an Ohio State fan through and through, BUT I am dating a Notre Dame alum.  Since our two teams very seldom play one another and I AM a Catholic, I decided to kind of, sort of jump on the band wagon…  And I’m kind of loving the camaraderie.

Honestly..  Loving one of my (many) side hustles, Wag.  I’m basically an “Uber” for dog walks, and this little guy below is one of my best furry friends.  His name is Teddy…  Anyway, if you need dog walks on demand or are looking for an amazing side hustle, where you literally get paid to exercise, look no further than the Wag app.  Use my code BRITTANY3203 for your first free walk!

Happy Monday, friends!!  Hope your week is off to a great start!!

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