A Day at the Farm

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  OK, I’m writing this a bit preemptively, so it’s not quite Friday in my world, but when this post goes live, it will be.  So, again, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Last weekend, Jim and I ventured out to Great Country Farms in the gorgeous Bluemont, VA.  As a county mouse at heart, I always love making the trek away from the hustle and bustle of D.C., and Bluemont (only about an hour away) is a great escape.  The weather was perfect, the drive amazing, and we spent several hours picking apples, snacking on cider donuts, and feeding the animals.  We unfortunately got there too late to eat at the “Roosteraunt,” but the menu looked fantastic.  The store at Great Country also has home-grown veggies, freshly baked pies, and recently-pressed apply cider.  Yummm.

(I realize how incredibly stereotypical I sound when I write all this, but know that it all comes from a genuine place.  I am, in fact, THAT basic..  Hence the name of this blog…  Allow me to continue with the stereotypical rant…)

Across the street is Bluemont Vineyard, which has the prettiest view in the area.  While we didn’t make it there this trip, I look forward to going on many future fall trips.  I’ve been there many times before and highly recommend.  It’s situated on top of a mountain, and there is often live music on the weekends.  Siiiigh.  So dreamy.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend!  Hope you manage to escape the city this weekend!!


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