4th Annual Cookie Exchange

Ermygosh, I canNOT believe I didn’t post this sooner!

My sweet pal, Anna, and I started this tradition four years ago (you can see a past exchange HERE).  Why I don’t have more exchanges on here is beyond me..  They’re SO fun, not to mention very photogenic events!

So, I suppose it would have made sense to postpone this post until mid-November, and I’ll run it again then.  BUT, I do want to say that cookie exchanges are NOT limited to Christmas!  New Year’s Resolutions will be forgotten in a week or two (if they haven’t been already), so why not host a Valentine’s cookie exchange and tea?  Hmmm..  there’s an idea.

Since Anna and I have been doing these for so long, we kind of have it down to a science.  This year’s happened to be on my birthday, so I wanted to make it earlier in the day. I made a breakfast casserole and Anna made a fruit salad.  We had mimosas, seltzer, bloodys, hot chocolate and coffee.  We bought party favors from World Market (hot chocolate cones this year!) and I got Pyrex snowflake baking dishes and ADORABLE tea towels from the Nutcracker Market in Houston as prizes.  Categories this year where: Best Looking, Best Tasting, and Most Original.

We had a little photo bomber.. This is Anna and me, doing what we do best 🙂
How cuuuuute and perfect are these tea towels?

Our winners!! From left to right: Amy won Best Looking (Nutella and pine nut cookies); Tierney won Most Original (bacon chocolate cookies!) and Kristin won Best Tasting (snickerdoodle bars). Congrats, ladies!

I look forward to this tradition every year!  If I move away from D.C. next year, this tradition is continuing!  Seriously..  I WILL be coming back no matter what.


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