2017 Travels

It’s a little bit insane realizing how much I move around this country.  One of the blessings/curses of having going to the college I went to is that I have friends ALL over the place.  Also, since my parents have become snowbirds, I visit them in Florida a LOT.. I have been known to book a flight on a Thursday evening and fly out on Friday after work.  It’s pretty great having a sneak away.

As I write this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  2017 was  SUCH a wonderful year.


New York, NY.  OK, I went there more than a few times. I love New York… So much… This particular weekend, however, I watched my friend’s dog and stayed in her apartment while she and her husband were out of town.  I was attending the New York Encounter, which happened again last weekend (!!!).


Orlando, FL Seriously, even if you’re the most pathetic runner on the planet, every girly girl NEEDS to do a Disney Princess Race.  So fun.


Phoenix, AZ- I had the flu for this trip, so that was interesting.  I really want to go back to PHX so I can actually enjoy it.  But, I managed to drug myself up enough to go to an Indians Spring Training game, which was amazing.



Marco Island, FL– We kicked off baseball regular season at my favorite island sneak away.  We also took a boat out for an afternoon, which I always love.  Sigh, I’m craving a trip!


St. Petersburg, FL– (full post HERE) My sister and BIL moved to St. Pete in April, so I gladly visited for Mother’s Day weekend.  St. Pete is SUCH a cool city.  I have been dreaming about that lettuce wall ever since I visited..  Think it would fit in my 700 sq ft condo? 😉


Houston, TX– (Full post HERE) I flew down for Sweet Annie’s first birthday party and to see my pal, Linds.


Canaan Valley, WV– I don’t know why I didn’t do a post on this, but you can see another time I went in the post HERE.  Every summer, my hard-to-explain church thing and I venture up to the mountains for an amazing long weekend away.  It’s filled with time together, singing, scavenger hunts (haha), hiking, drinking and I even got to ride a horse.  It was incredible.



Scotland, UK: Get ready for a photo overload.. Again, I don’t know why I didn’t do an entire post to this, but perhaps I’ll be inspired and write one some day.  A friend from college married a Scot and absolutely insisted that we stay with her in Edinburgh, even though she was (I am not exaggerating) 9 months pregnant.  Not only did she host us, but she cooked dinner for us every night.  Talk about amazing.  We had an absolute blast, and I had the best travel buddies ever (who took some of the photos below).  We toured Edinburgh castle, went to Glenkinchie distillery, took a day trip to St. Andrews..  Sigh…  It was amazing…



Seaside Heights, NJ– It was just a little day trip.. I admit Seaside Heights was more than a little tacky, but I do love the charm of the Atlantic beaches.  It’s like stepping back in time.



Ohio :)- My dad got free tickets to Cedar Point, so obviously we couldn’t let them go to waste…  Cannoli enjoyed his time with his cousin, Chi Chi too.

New York, NY– My mom flew to NYC and I met her up there.  I got to meet my friend’s new baby, see some of my favorite spots, and we even went to watch the Browns game at a Browns bar (don’t laugh).


Rockport, MA–  I was a bridesmaid for my dear friend’s gorgeous fall wedding.  It. Was. Incredible.  I love New England in the fall.


Photo credit: The very talented Jon Kennedy




Orlando, FL– Jim had to conduct a training in Orlando, so I flew down to meet him, and it was so great!  We stayed at an awesome resort with an incredible pool, and we also got to meet up with my sister and BIL at Universal Studios’ Fright Fest (or something.. their Halloween thing.. I forget what it’s called) which scared the HELL out of me….



Houston, TX– See a little trend here?  I make it to Houston a fair amount to see my “Texas family.”   This trip, we went to the Nutcracker Market, which is like a traditional Christmas bazaar on crack.  It is absolutely huge.  HUGE.  The best part, though, was spending time with my little peanut, and deliver the cute apron I got her from The Netherlands (oh yeah, forgot to mention that I took a short trip to Germany and The Netherlands within my trip to Scotland).



Strongsville, OH– No surprise here!  I went home for Christmas, and it was freezing, but great to be with family and old friends.


Marshall, MI– No idea why I didn’t take pictures, but Marshall is Jim’s home town and is soooo cute for Christmas.  They totally deck out the downtown area, which is so historical and so cute.  We spent some great time with his family, went to a really charming restaurant called Turkeyville and had a relaxing and fun time



Wooooweeeee.  I covered some ground in 2017!  So excited to see what 2018 holds!! Happy belated near year!!!


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